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Table 6 Example sentences used in testing of the SVM model

From: Improving classification in protein structure databases using text mining

Test sentence SVM score
These homologous proteins, designated the "enolase superfamily", include enolase as well as more metabolically specialized enzymes: mandelate racemase, galactonate dehydratase, glucarate dehydratase, muconate-lactonizing enzymes, N-acylamino acid racemase, beta-methylaspartate ammonia-lyase, and o-succinylbenzoate synthase. 3.99
GlucD is a member of the mandelate racemase (MR) subgroup of the enolase superfamily, the members of which catalyze reactions that are initiated by abstraction of the alpha-proton of a carboxylate anion substrate. 3.42
The structure of Neurospora crassa 3-carboxy-cis, cis-muconate lactonizing enzyme, a beta propeller cycloisomerase. 1.41
The corresponding cDNA was amplified from a library of lobster muscle cDNA, and a sequence corresponding to residues 27–398 was determined. -1.10
The values for kcat were reduced 4.5 × 10(3)-fold for (R)-®delate and 2.9 × 10(4)-fold for (S)-mandelate; the values for kcat/Km were reduced 3 × 10(4)-fold. -3.31
  1. Sample positive and negative test examples classified and scored by the SVM model.