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Table 2 Protein sequence features related to subcellular localization prediction.

From: Validating subcellular localization prediction tools with mycobacterial proteins

  Secretion System and/or SP
TOOLS SPI SPII Cyt TM Type I Type II Cell Wall Extracell Plasma membrane Periplasm
SignalP 2.0 (Sec-dependent) X        X X  
TatP 1.0 (altern system) X       X X X  
LipoP 1.0 (Sec-dependent) X X X X     X X  
Phobius     X X X     
PA-SUB 2.5 X X X        
Gpos-Ploc    X     X X X X
PSORTb v.2.0.4    X      X X X
  1. SP, Signal Peptidase. SPI, Signal Peptidase I. SPII, Signal Peptidase II. Cyt, Cytoplasmatic. TM, Transmembranal protein.