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Table 4 Details of the classes most similar to GO:0051049 (regulation of transport) that are found to help improve the prediction accuracy of this class in Mnaimneh et al's data set.

From: Incorporating functional inter-relationships into protein function prediction algorithms

GO Term Definition Size Similarity with target class
GO:0016192 Vesicle-mediated transport 328 0.4085
GO:0016458 Gene silencing 100 0.4067
GO:0016481 Negative regulation of transcription 163 0.4317
GO:0040029 Regulation of gene expression 100 0.4067
GO:0045184 Establishment of protein localization 273 0.4014
GO:0045941 Positive regulation of transcription 102 0.4143
GO:0051052 Regulation of DNA metabolic process 80 0.4058
GO:0051252 Regulation of RNA metabolism 383 0.4743