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Table 2 AUC for the 200 query set.

From: Tableau-based protein substructure search using quadratic programming

Method Normalization AUC
SHEBA None 0.941
QP tableau search norm2 0.925
QP tableau search norm1 0.904
QP tableau search norm3 0.904
VAST None 0.890
TableauSearch norm2 0.871
TOPS None 0.871
TableauSearch norm1 0.869
QP tableau search None 0.854
TableauSearch None 0.846
TableauSearch norm3 0.832
  1. Area under ROC curve (AUC) for the 200 query set against the ASTRAL SCOP 95% sequence identity non-redundant database consisting of 15273 domains, for different methods and normalizations. Note that only the tableau search methods (our method (QP tableau search) and TableauSearch) require normalization, as VAST, SHEBA and TOPS report normalized scores themselves and so do not require an external normalization step to combine results for different queries. The table is ordered by decreasing AUC.