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Figure 6

From: EDGAR: A software framework for the comparative analysis of prokaryotic genomes

Figure 6

Synteny of the Xanthomonas chromosomes. Synteny of the Xanthomonas chromosomes. In order to monitor the conservation of gene order among the Xanthomonas chromosomes, pairwise synteny plots were generated with EDGAR, where the position of each CDS of the chromosome given on the X axis is plotted against the position of its homologue in the second chromosome given on the Y axis. Identical chromosomes result in a diagonal plot. The names of the analyzed chromosome pairs are given on top of each plot. Among the Xcc and Xca chromosomes there are few chromosomal rearrangements, some of which indicate large-scale inversion events. The number of rearrangements increases rather subtly when the Xca/Xcv chromosomes are compared to Xcc strains. A substantial increase in rearrangements becomes obvious for Xoc BLS256 when compared to Xcc B100, while the gene order seems almost disintegrated in Xoo 10331 (similar data for the other Xoo chromosomes not shown). While synteny analysis is restricted to complete genome data for obvious reasons, other tools like the phylogenetic tree analysis of the Venn diagrams are also available for draft genome data.

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