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Table 1 SVM per residue accuracy.

From: Transmembrane protein topology prediction using support vector machines

SVM Window size Kernel MCC
TM Helix/¬TM Helix 33 RBF 0.80
Inside Loop/Outside Loop 35 Polynomial* 0.63
Re-entrant Helix/¬Re-entrant Helix 27 RBF 0.34
Signal Peptide/¬Signal Peptide 27 RBF 0.76
TM Protein/Globular Protein 33 RBF 0.78
  1. Column 2: Window size – the size of the sliding window in residues. Column 3: Kernel – SVM kernel type. RBF = radial basis function. Column 4: MCC – Matthews correlation coefficient. * The Inside Loop/Outside Loop SVM was trained using a third-order polynomial kernel.