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Figure 2

From: Iterative refinement of structure-based sequence alignments by Seed Extension

Figure 2

Change in accuracy of each individual alignment after refinement. The alignments from each method were sorted according to their ΔfCAR(0), which is the fCAR(0) of the refined alignment minus that of the original alignment. The nine graphs, one for each method, are arranged in alphabetical order. The x- and y- axes in each graph represent the alignment and ΔfCAR(0), respectively. The number of alignments for which fCAR(0) increased and decreased are, respectively, (1495, 469), (733, 770), (2130, 437), (2029, 383), (835, 867), (1542, 581), (1669, 182), (1221, 182), and (2054, 334), for CE, DaliLite, FAST, LOCK2, MATRAS, MATT, SHEBA, TM-align, and VAST, respectively.

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