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Table 1 Interesting transcriptional programs.

From: Transcriptional programs: Modelling higher order structure in transcriptional control

TP # Targets Factors
2 669 Nkx2-1 Dbp Ahr Srebf1 Egr2 Tcfap2a Sp1 Egr1
3 1474 Rest Pparg Pax6 Creb1 Vdr Ets1 Hivep1 Pbx1 Dmrt2 Hand1 Dmrta1 Irf8 Atf2 Ar
4 1419 Gabpa Gzf1 Ppara Stat3 Hoxa5 Ikzf1 Hnf4a Srf Pax5
5 1510 Atf4 Dmrt1 Lhx3 Nkx6-1 Stat5a Runx2 Irf2 Pax4 Pax1
12 198 Nfya E2f1 Mtf1
13 372 Foxo3 Foxj2 Dmrt3 Nr2f1
15 230 Pbx1 Nr5a1 Sry Rora
18 268 Pou1f1 Pax2 Ets2 Cux1 Tbp
25 275 Srf T CT025657.12-201 Pou5f1
28 167 Cebpa Gabpa Cebpg Dbp Tgif1 Atf3 Rela Hes1 CT025657.12-201
53 111 Gzf1 Atf2
55 54 Klf4 Prdm1 Atf3
  1. We present the factors of the transcriptional programs highlighted in the validation section of the results.