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Table 1 Comparison of classification accuracies for a two-gene classifier, TSP, and a three-gene classifier, TST, for ten cancer studies.

From: The ordering of expression among a few genes can provide simple cancer biomarkers and signal BRCA1 mutations

Data Set Leukemia CNS DLBCL Colon Prostate1 Prostate2 Prostate3 Lung GCM BRCA1
TST 98% 82% 95% 92% 93% 67% 95% 98% 82% 77%
TSP 91% 73% 98% 93% 89% 69% 91% 94% 79% 66%
  1. The classification rates are estimated by leave-one-out cross validation. In both cases, the genes are restricted to a subset of differentially expressed genes based on a Wilcoxon rank test; the details appear in §2.3 and §3.1. The subsets are selected to ensure that the number of possible two-gene and three-gene classifiers are the same.