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Table 5 Ordering probabilities for the top-scoring triplet in the BRCA1 study.

From: The ordering of expression among a few genes can provide simple cancer biomarkers and signal BRCA1 mutations

Ordering BRCA1 nonBRCA1
X1 <X2 <X3 0 .204
X1 <X3 <X2 0 .226
X2 <X1 <X3 0 .065
X2 <X3 <X1 0 .172
X3 <X1 <X2 0 .204
X3 <X2 <X1 1 .129
  1. Estimated probabilities for the six possible orderings among the three genes in the top-scoring triplets for each of the two classes. Here, X1, X2, and X3 refer to the expression values of PPP1CB, TMEM57 and RNF14, respectively. Mutant samples are characterized by a single preferred ordering whereas non-mutant samples display all orderings.