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Table 1 Identifiers automatically recognized by the system

From: Genephony: a knowledge management tool for genome-wide research

Object Source Examples
Genomic regions UCSC Genome Browser (hg18) chr3:120,000,000-150,000,000
Cytogenetic bands UCSC Genome Browser (hg18) chr3:q13.11, chr3:q13
dbSNP identifiers dbSNP (build 130) rs36126692
Entrez GeneID identifiers NCBI 3456
HGNC gene symbols NCBI IFNB1
Genbank mRNA accession numbers NCBI NM_002176
SWISSPROT protein identifiers SWISSPROT P01574
ENSEMBL gene identifiers EBI ENSG00000171855
GeneOntology classes GO GO:0051990
OMIM entries NCBI MIM:178600, MIM:hypertension
STS markers UCSC Genome Browser (hg18) AFM344WE9, GDB:199719
MicroRNA identifiers Sanger hsa-mir-942
MicroRNA accession numbers Sanger MI0005767
Microarray probesets Affymetrix, Illumina 208173_at
SNP microarray probesets Affymetrix SNP_A-1507458
CNVs Affymetrix Variation_0008
GAD entries GAD GAD:retinopathy