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Table 3 Percentage of common predictions among programs

From: Accurate microRNA target prediction correlates with protein repression levels

  Diana-microT PicTar TargetScan 4.2
Diana-microT 100% 39.67% 47.57%
PicTar 51.84% 100% 75.30%
TargetScan 4.2 55.19% 66.85% 100%
  1. The percentage of each program's predicted targets (rows) which are also predicted by another program (columns) for all the miRNAs which are included in the set of experimentally verified targets. For example, from the miTGs predicted by DIANA-microT 3.0, 39.67% are also predicted by PicTar and 47.57% by TargetScan 4.2.