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Table 2 AUC values for training and testing datasets predicted by the single term

From: Prediction of antigenic epitopes on protein surfaces by consensus scoring

Evaluation terms Training set a Testing set b
Binding site propensity 0.637 0.577
Conservation score 0.593 0.564
Side chain energy score 0.555 0.569
Contact number 0.59 0.556
Planarity score 0.53 0.554
Fraction of turns & loops 0.489 0.587
  1. a Antigen-antibody complexes from protein docking benchmark 2.0. b 17 recently released antigen-antibody complex structures in PDB. Unbound structures of both databsets were used for prediction and bound structures were used for identification of interface residues. The AUC values were calculated and averaged for all the proteins in two datasets, respectively.