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Table 2 Selected chemicals

From: The first step in the development of text mining technology for cancer risk assessment: identifying and organizing scientific evidence in risk assessment literature

Chemical MOA Occurrence Causes Examples of tumors
1,3-Butadiene Genotoxic Used in production of synthetic rubber. Mutations Leukemia
Benzo(a)pyrene Genotoxic Incomplete burning of coal, oil and garbage. Mutations Skin, lung
Diethylnitrosamine Genotoxic Found in foods, tobacco products and industrial solvents. Mutations Liver
Styrene Genotoxic Used in the manufacture of plastics and rubber. Mutations Lung
Chloroform Non-genotoxic Laboratory solvent and dry cleaning agent. Cell death, regenerative proliferation. Hormonal receptor activation. Liver, kidney
Diethylstilbestrol Non-genotoxic Synthetic estrogen.   Vagina, breast
Fumonisin B1 Non-genotoxic A toxin produced by Fusarium moulds, found in foods. Cell death, regenerative proliferation. Oesophageal cancer, liver
Phenobarbital Non-genotoxic Barbiturate used as anticonvulsant. Stimulates proliferation inhibits apoptosis. Liver (in laboratory animals)