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Table 1 The Gemma ID number, experiment name, organism part, array design and age category for the experiments are listed in each column.

From: A methodology for the analysis of differential coexpression across the human lifespan

Experiments used for analysis.
Gemma ID Name Organism part Array Design Age category
622 GSE8586 Umbilical cord GPL570 Prenatal
726 GSE9164 Foreskin cells GPL5876 Prenatal
233 GSE1397 Brain, heart GPL96 Prenatal
215 khatua-astrocytoma Brain GPL91 Child/young adult
218 pomeroy-embryonal Brain, kidney GPL80 Child/young adult
555 GSE5808 Blood cell GPL96 Child/young adult
585 GSE7586 Placenta GPL570 Adult
178 GSE80 Muscle GPL91 Adult
633 GSE8607 Testis GPL91 Adult
275 GSE4757 Brain GPL570 Older adult
721 GSE8919 Brain GPL2700 Older adult
263 GSE5281 Brain GPL570 Older adult