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Figure 3

From: Genome Projector: zoomable genome map with multiple views

Figure 3

Genome Map. Genome Map view represents the genome in traditional genome browser layout, where genomic features (i.e., genes) are displayed with boxes around a linear chromosome laid out continuously in stacked rows. (A) CDS are marked with blue stripes, tRNA with green stripes, and rRNA with red stripes. (B) Information can be overlaid on top of the genome map as semi-transparent layers, which can be toggled with a switch located at the upper right corner. In Genome Projector, predicted gene expression levels are calculated with the Codon Adaptation Index and visualised with a colour spectrum ranging from red to green, corresponding to a CAI of 0 to 1. (C) Local nucleotide content is shown both as graphs (A: red, T: green, G: yellow, C: Blue) and as coloured pixels. (D) All objects (CDS, tRNA, rRNA) are clickable to display more information without search result markers.

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