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Table 2 Instances with dependencies.

From: Challenges for automatically extracting molecular interactions from full-text articles

Instance type Total dependencies Synonym fact Extra fact
Main fact 76.9 54.0 (10.2) 35.0 (19.6)
Subfact 57.5 34.8 (4.4) 31.9 (14.9)
Synonym fact 10.4 6.2 (2.1) 4.2 (0.0)
Extra fact 19.2 13.6 (0.0) 6.4 (5.6)
  1. Percentage of instances in the MIM corpus which have at least one synonym and/or extra fact dependency (total dependencies). The percentage of instances which depend on at least one synonym and extra fact are also shown. The number in parentheses corresponds to the percentage of instances for which an instance of the dependent fact was identified.