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Table 1 Complete resource information stored in the knowledge base

From: BIRI: a new approach for automatically discovering and indexing available public bioinformatics resources from the literature

Name: GenePublisher   
Functionality 1: analysis of DNA microarray data
Category: analysis Domain: DNA
Category: analysis Domain: Microarray
Input:   Output: dna microarray data
Paper 1: GenePublisher: automated analysis of DNA microarray data.
Authors: Knudsen, S; Workman, C; Sicheritz-Ponten, T; Friis, C
Abstract: GenePublisher, a system for automatic analysis of data from DNA microarray experiments, has been implemented with a web interface at Raw data are uploaded to the server together with a specification of the data. The server performs normalization, statistical analysis and visualization of the data. The results are run against databases of signal transduction pathways, metabolic pathways and promoter sequences in order to extract more information. The results of the entire analysis are summarized in report form and returned to the user.
PMID: 12824347 ISIID: 000183832900039
  1. The table shows an example of all the information about resources in the BIRI Knowledge Base. For each resource, the system stores the information that it has extracted from the literature. Additional links, if any, are provided to the resource's official web page and to the PubMed® website.