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Table 5 Evaluation of the BIRI contents against other indexes

From: BIRI: a new approach for automatically discovering and indexing available public bioinformatics resources from the literature

Index Name Total Resources Indexed Matches New in BIRI
Bioinformatics Links Directory[6, 7] 1350 235 81
Pathguide[37] 293 10 306
Online Bioinformatics Resource Collection[38] 2368 231 85
ExPASy Life Science Directory[39] 1253 15 301
Molecular Biology Database[5] 1171 28 288
Database of Databases[40] 1056 33 283
Resources at the EBI[8] 111 22 294
  1. We compare the resources contained in the curated BIRI knowledge base with the resources indexed by other public indexes at the time of writing this paper. The table shows: i) the total number of resources indexed by each index, ii) the number of matches found between BIRI and the index, and iii) the number of resources existing in BIRI knowledge base that do not exist in the other index.