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Table 1 Comparison of selected microarray data management software.

From: BASE - 2nd generation software for microarray data management and analysis

Feature ArrayTrack BASE EzArray MIMAS SBEAMS SMD
Affymetrix x x x x x x
Spotted arrays x x     x
Illumina x x   x   x
Array LIMS   x     x
Biomaterial LIMS   x     
Connectivity to analysis and visualization tools x x x x x x
Wizard-based annotation and experiment creation x x   x   x
Batch import of data x x     x
User/group management x x x x x x
Experimental factors definition x x     
Data sharing and permissions management x x x x x x
MIAME compliant x x   x x x
ArrayExpress/GEO   x x x   x
MGED Ontology support     x   
  1. All compared tools are web browser based except for ArrayTrack which is a Java web start enabled Java application. An 'x' character denotes supported feature. See main text for a discussion about the different software.