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Table 1 Data types and services used in the example

From: Magallanes: a web services discovery and automatic workflow composition tool

Input DT Service Output DT
Object getAASequence AASeq
  getAASequenceCollection AASeq
GenericSeq fromGenericSequenceCollectionToFasta Fasta
  fromGenericSequenceToFasta Fasta
  fromGenericToAASequence AASeq
AASeq runBlastp BlastText
  runTblastn BlastText
NNSeq runBlastn BlastText
  runBlastx BlastText
  runTblastx BlastText
BlastText getBestHitsFromBlast Object
  getIDsFromBlast Object
  parseMultipleAlignFromBLASTText FastaAAmult
Fasta fromFastaToAASequence AASeq
  fromFastaToGenericSequence GenericSeq
  runDisruptionPhysicalProperties TextPlain
FastaAA fromFASTAToAASequence AASeq
  runPSIBlastpFromFASTA BlastText
FastaAAmult fromFASTAToAASequenceCollection AASeq
  1. Schematic representation of a reduced set of data types and associated services able to process these different types of data. Although tools names are descriptive, a long description is available as supplementary material [see Additional file 1].