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Table 1 Predictive power of amino acid indices.

From: Exploiting structural and topological information to improve prediction of RNA-protein binding sites

AUC ID Description
0.646 GUOD860101 Retention coefficient at pH 2
0.644 GUYH850105 Apparent partition energies calculated from Chothia index
0.643 RADA880107 Energy transfer from out to in
0.643 CHOC760103 Proportion of residues 95% buried
0.642 OLSK800101 Average internal preferences
0.640 COWR900101 Hydrophobicity index, 3.0 pH
0.639 JURD980101 Modified Kyte-Doolittle hydrophobicity scale
0.639 ROSM880102 Side chain hydropathy, corrected for solvation
0.638 TANS770106 Normalized frequency of chain reversal D
0.637 GARJ730101 Partition coefficient
  1. Table of the ten amino acid indices with the highest predictive power (AUC) on the RB144 data set.