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Table 3 Inference results for CHX experimental data

From: Bayesian inference of biochemical kinetic parameters using the linear noise approximation

Param. Prior Estimate LNA Estimate DA
γ P Exp(1) 0.45 (0.31-0.62) 0.53 (0.39-0.67)
k P Exp(50) 0.32(0.10-1.75) 0.43 (0.16-1.07)
λ Exp(50) 22.79(13.79-36.92) 23.85(16.31-36.54)
889.03(831.44-945.34) -
  1. Priors, posterior mean and 95% credibility intervals obtained from CHX experimental data using the LNA approach and diffusion approximation approach. Estimation with the LNA involved one more parameter . Estimated rates are per hour.