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Table 1 Comparing significantly enriched biological process GO terms in the 382 hub genes with module 1.

From: Arabidopsis gene co-expression network and its functional modules

GO term Hub-genes
Module 1
cell redox homeostasis 4.99E-05 NA
chloroplast organization and biogenesis NA 7.01E-08
cofactor metabolism 1.86E-06 1.93E-18
electron transport 5.49E-06 1.80E-06
glucose metabolism 7.61E-05 NA
glycine catabolism 7.92E-05 NA
photosynthesis 1.38E-24 1.38E-52
pigment metabolism 3.48E-07 3.03E-12
protein biosynthesis 1.15E-07 3.05E-07
protein folding 5.70E-05 NA
vitamin metabolism NA 8.41E-06
  1. 1. 'NA' indicates the GO term was not significantly over-represented.