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Table 9 General agreement statistics in the GREC

From: Construction of an annotated corpus to support biomedical information extraction

Agreement Type F-Score
  E. coli Human
Event identification 72.27% 76.37%
Argument identification(relaxed span match) 90.23% 91.27%
Argument identification (exact span match) 75.10% 77.48%
Semantic role assignment 88.96% 88.30%
Biological concept identification 82.55% 82.03%
Bio-concept category assignment(exact) 71.02% 66.03%
Bio-concept assignment(including parent) 75.38% 68.97%
Bio-concept supercategory assignment 95.52% 94.75%
  1. Average F-Score agreement figures are shown for several annotation substasks, with separate figures being shown for the E. coli and human parts of the corpus.