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Table 1 Different amino acids and codons in clusters B1, C1 and D1 of P1PR

From: Inferring within-patient HIV-1 evolutionary dynamics under anti-HIV therapy using serial virus samples with vSPA

Position Cluster
  B1 C1 D1
10 L(CTC) I(ATC) I (ATC)
32 V(GTA) V(GTG) V (GTG)
35 E(GAA) D (GAC) D (GAC)
37 D(GAT) D (GAT) E (GAA)
54 I(ATC) T (ACC) T (ACC)
55 R(AGA) K (AAA) K (AAA)
62 I(ATA) I (ATA) V (GTA)
71 A(GCT) V (GTT) V (GTG)
90 M(ATG) L (TTG) M (ATG)
95 C(TGC) C (TGT) C (TGC)
  1. Identical codons in any two clusters are shown in bold. Identical amino acids at different codon levels are shown in bold italics.