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Figure 5

From: (PS)2-v2: template-based protein structure prediction server

Figure 5

Comparison the (PS)2-v2 server with (PS)2-original and (PS)2-CASP8 servers on the target T0504 in CASP8. The (PS)2-CASP8 server uses human spindlin1 (PDB code 2ns2) as the template, conversely, (PS)2-v2 utilizes a multiple-template strategy and selects both 53BP1 tandem tudor domains (PDB code 2g3r) and PHD finger protein 20-like 1 (PDB code 2eqm) as templates. (PS)2-v2 significantly outperforms (PS)2-CASP8 on the T0504-D1 and T0504-D3 domains.

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