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Table 4 Numbers of Nfkb1 interacting genes discovered by the two normalization methods.

From: Illumina WG-6 BeadChip strips should be normalized separately

Normalization method DE genes Interacting Directly interacting
Array-level only 2 0 0
Strip-level only 99 6 6
Both 111 9 7
Neither 19988 335 221
Total 20200 350 234
  1. The rows give respectively genes found by array-level normalization only, strip-level normalization only, both or neither. The second column gives the numbers of genes differentially expressed between Nfkb1-/- and wild-type at 180 mins found by different normalization methods. The third column gives the numbers of genes interacting with Nfkb1 in each set (row) of DE genes in the second columns. This interaction could be direct or indirect according to IPA. The fourth columns shows the corresponding numbers of directly interacting genes.