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Table 1 Classification of the reporters.

From: An experimental loop design for the detection of constitutional chromosomal aberrations by array CGH

Classification Log Ratio patient1/patient3 Log Ratio Patient2/patient1
Duplication for patient1 positive negative
Duplication for patient2 0 positive
Duplication for patient3 negative 0
Deletion for patient1 negative positive
Deletion for patient2 0 negative
Deletion for patient3 positive 0
  1. Each reporter is classified as duplicated (positive), deleted (negative), or not changed in copy-number (0) for two chosen contrasts, i.e. Patient 1 versus 3 and Patient 2 versus 1. Based on the results of both contrasts a reporter can be recognized as duplicated or deleted for Patient 1, 2, or 3, according to this scheme.