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Table 4 The non-confirmed positives.

From: An experimental loop design for the detection of constitutional chromosomal aberrations by array CGH

Clone Status Validation method
RP11-114K7 [24]  
RP11-161M6 [24]  
RP1-225D2 [24]  
RP6-14C6 [24]  
RP11-342F21 [24]  
RP11-342F21 [24]  
RP6-22D12 [24]  
RP1-93N13 Genomic Database of Variants  
RP11-2P5 Single clone deletion qPCR
RP11-48E16 Single clone deletion qPCR
RP11-127A9 Single clone deletion qPCR
RP11-469N6 Single clone deletion qPCR
RP11-576I16 Single clone duplication qPCR
RP11-152O18 Single clone deletion FISH
RP11-361M10 Not confirmed Lack of DNA
RP11-404P12 Low spot quality  
RP5-982E9 Low spot quality  
RP11-301H15 Low spot quality  
RP4-742J24 Low spot quality  
  1. Outside the duplicated and deleted regions, 15 reporters were also classified as being completely duplicated or deleted. Eight of them could be confirmed as being polymorphic clones according to [24] and the Genomic Database of Variants. Six of them confirmed with FISH or qPCR. One clone could not be confirmed, due to lack of DNA.