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Table 1 iLAP Terminology:

From: iLAP: a workflow-driven software for experimental protocol development, data acquisition and analysis

iLAP specific terms Description
Project Logical unit which can be structured hierarchically and holds experiments, notes and other files (e.g. derived from literature research).
Experiment Logical unit which corresponds to one biological experiment and holds a current working protocol, experiment specific documentation files, parameter values, raw files, notes, and analysis steps.
Standard protocol Frequently used and well established protocol template also known as standard operating procedures (SOP).
Current working protocol Sequence of protocol steps for a specific experiment which holds raw files, notes and experiment specific parameter values.
Protocol step One single step in a protocol which is defined by a name, description, and a list of definable parameters. A sequence of protocol steps defines a protocol.
Step group Protocol step which groups multiple protocol steps to a logical unit. It can be used as a step container for sequentially executed protocol steps or within split steps.
Split step Protocol step which can contain multiple (step groups) which have to be executed concurrently.
Protocol step parameter Changing parameters which are associated with a step and can hold either textual or numerical values as well as a selection from a predefined value list (enumeration).
Note Notes are textual descriptions which are intended to be used for documenting abnormal observations at almost anywhere within iLAP.
Raw file Raw files are files which are produced by laboratory instruments and are not processed by any analysis step captured within iLAP.
Analysis step Description of a processing step which manipulates, analyzes or processes a raw file, and generates processed files which are linked to the original raw file. Analysis steps can be either external e.g. using external software or internal using iLAP-internal analysis modules.
Analysis step parameter Parameters and values used during the analysis step.