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Table 4 Gene set enrichment analysis

From: Identifying differentially methylated genes using mixed effect and generalized least square models

Gene sets p-value Genes in pathways
Neuroactive ligand receptor interaction 2.13 e-5 EDNRB, GABBR1, GRIK2
Cytokine cytokine receptor interaction 3.1 e-4 KDR, EPOR, MPL, TGFB2, BMP2
Regulation of actin cytoskeleton 9.21 e-4 PIK3R2, PPP1CB, LIMK2, ARPC1B
Focal adhesion 4.81 e-3 KDR, PIK3R2, PPP1CB, COL2A1, COL5A1
Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity 4.97 e-3 PIK3R2, NFATC3
Jak-STAT signaling pathway 5.63 e-3 EPOR, MPL, PIK3R2
Oxidative phosphorylation 6.17 e-3 ATP5A1, ATP12A
Smooth muscle contraction 6.53 e-3 PLCB3, CALM1, PRKCE
Purine metabolism 8.35 e-3 POLA1, ADA, IMPGH2
MAPK signaling pathway 1.14 e-2 MAP3K7, CACNA1C, CACNA1H, MKNK1, NTRK1, MAPKIP2, CACNG8, RASGRF2, TGFB2