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Table 1 Summary of Microarray Datasets Used in this TF→target prediction study.

From: In Silico Evaluation of Predicted Regulatory Interactions in Arabidopsis thaliana

Transcription Factor Mutant/Transgenic Treatment Control # of Replicate Experiments Citation
MIF1 Light Dark 2 Hu et al., (2006)
WRKY11 Pathogen Water 3 Journot-Catalino (2006)
WRKY17 Pathogen Water 3 Journot-Catalino (2006)
ARR7 Cytokinin Water 2 Lee et al., (2006)
  1. Microarray datasets were obtained from publicly available datasets (see Methods for details). This table describes the specific transcription factor being mutagenized in these studies, the type of treatment used in wild-type and mutant/transgenic plants, the control for these treatments, the number of biological replicates in each experiment and the author of the microarray dataset (see reference section for a detailed citation).