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Table 5 Comparison between predictions made by our hypotheses (Table 4) and by [32] for the seven genes that they wet-experimentally tested.

From: Predicting functional upstream open reading frames in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gene Name Systematic Name uORF's Position uORF's Length Predicted as functional in
     Z&D This study
RPC11 YDR045C -60 4 Yes Yes
TPK1 YJL164C -42 5 Yes Yes
FOL1 YNL256W -65 4 Yes Yes
WSC3 YOL105C -50 7 Yes a
MKK1 YOR231W -71 10 Yes No
ECM7 YLR443W -15 5 Nob No
IMD4 YML056C -99 14 Nob No
  1. a5' UTR length was predicted to be well over 1000 bases and thus this gene is not included in this study.
  2. bZhang and Dietrich found these uORFs have little effect on translation; we consider them as non-functional.