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Figure 2

From: An improved ontological representation of dendritic cells as a paradigm for all cell types

Figure 2

The representation of dendritic cell types in the Dendritic Cell Ontology (DC-CL). Rectangles correspond to the terms for dendritic cell types represented in DC-CL, and the lines connecting the rectangles correspond to the is_a relations between these cell types. Black lines connect the highest-level terms in DC-CL to the Cell Ontology term leukocyte. Blue lines connect the DC-CL term conventional dendritic cell to the terms for its subtypes, while red lines connect these terms to the respective subtype terms. The green lines connect the terms CD11c- plasmacytoid dendritic cell and CD11clowplasmacytoid dendritic cell to the terms for their respective subtypes. Abbreviations used in the figure are: DC, dendritic cell; PDC, plasmacytoid dendritic cell; and LC, Langerhans Cell.

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