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Figure 2

From: Gene set-based module discovery in the breast cancer transcriptome

Figure 2

Clustering analysis of expression module activity profiles in breast tumors. Activity profiles of 10 expression modules extracted from breast cancer expression data were analyzed by hierarchical clustering. Red indicates increased activity and blue indicates decreased activity. The upper color bars indicate clinical and gene expression information of each tumor sample; histological grades (G1: red, G2: yellow G3: blue), p53 status (wildtype: red, mutant: blue), expression subtypes, ER, PgR and nodal status (positive: red, negative: blue), ERBB2 and EZH2 expression (increased expression: red, decreased expression: blue). The expression subtypes are based on the five major branches in the clustering dendrogram of the gene expression profiles. In the upper dendrogram, red branches represent a sample cluster which is enriched for triple negative breast tumors.

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