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Figure 6

From: Adaptable data management for systems biology investigations

Figure 6

Example view on a gene expression array normalization and analysis pipeline web application. This web application is used to normalize sets of gene expression experiments together so that they can be compared. The researcher can use a variety of search tools to select the arrays they wish to use: basic search performs a string match against any annotations in the content repository and the search by meta data is used to perform exact matching of names against node properties. Data is retrieved from the instrumentation layer and a new node is created in an analysis repository which represents the specific request. An analysis pipeline is then started using information stored in the analysis node. In this case the analysis pipeline is built within Gene Pattern. As the run progresses all status information is passed to the analysis node, so that the run can be monitored by an administration application. When the run is complete, the final results are also stored in the repository, and this triggers a notification event (typically an email) to be sent.

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