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Table 3 CGP performance on anaerobic mixed-acid fermentation genes (Escherichia coli K-12, 4131 genes). Prioritisation (AUC) of anaerobic mixed-acid fermentation genes in Escherichia coli K-12

From: In silico prioritisation of candidate genes for prokaryotic gene function discovery: an application of phylogenetic profiles

Statistical CGP Inductive CGP
Scoring function AUC (/η max ) Algorithm AUC
sens 0.634 (1.2/1.8) NB 0.695
spec 0.464 (0.8/1.5) LR 0.796
ppv 0.519 (1.1/2.0) ADTree 0.780
npv 0.594 (1.8/11.0) IBk 0.860
amss 0.578 (2.4/96.6) J48 0.663
hmss 0.628 (2.4/95.1) SMO/Poly 0.848
OR 0.537 (1.2/2.3) SMO/RBF 0.782
chisq 0.767 (3.2/109)   
bchisq 0.585 (2.5/109)   
F 0.698 (2.5/69.9)   
  1. Thirty-eight known genes were labelled as known (out of 4131 genes of the EC-K12 genome). The AUC in inductive CGP were calculated using stratified 10-fold cross-validation. Abbreviations: sens: sensitivity; spec: specificity; ppv: positive predictive value; npv: negative predictive value; amss: arithmetic mean of sensitivity and specificity; hmss: harmonic mean of sensitivity and specificity; OR: odds ratio; chisq: chi-square; bchisq: signed chi-square; F: F-measure; NB: naïve Bayes classifier; LR: logistic regression; ADTree: alternating decision tree; IBk: k-nearest neighbour classifier; J48: J48 decision tree; SMO: support vector machine trained by sequential minimal optimisation algorithm; Poly: polynomial kernel; RBF: radial basis function kernel.