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Figure 2

From: MarVis: a tool for clustering and visualization of metabolic biomarkers

Figure 2

MarVis main window. The main window of MarVis after selecting a cluster/prototype for further analysis. The window is divided into several regions, which display different information: The prototype plot (compare with figure 1) shows the array of prototypes according to the current colormap (region 1a) and the number of marker candidates in the associated clusters (region 1b). The cluster plot (2) displays the intensity profiles of marker candidates in the currently activated cluster where a white rectangle marks the currently activated candidate and the associated prototype. The marker information box (3) shows detailed information of all candidates in the currently activated cluster. The marker scatter plot (4) displays the retention time vs. the mass-to-charge-ratio of each marker candidate in the currently activated cluster using big red dots. The currently activated candidate is represented by a big blue dot. In the background all marker candidates of the current data set are plotted as small gray dots. The active-prototype/marker plot (5) displays the magnified prototype profile of the activated cluster according to the current colormap.

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