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Table 1 Significant differences in the comparison of human gut and mouse gut metagenomes. The five most statistically significant differences in numbers of reads assigned to taxon classes in the comparison of a human gut [16] and obese mouse gut [17] metagenomes. A positive support (proportion of deviation) indicates that the difference is in favor of the human gut dataset, whereas a negative sign indicates the opposite.

From: Methods for comparative metagenomics

Comparison of human and mouse gut datasets
Rank 1 2 3 4 5
Phylum level Support Actinobacteria +282.88 Firmicutes +115.30 Euryarchaeota +30.93 Chordata -10.12 Ascomycota -6.96
Class level Support Actinobacteria +282.70 Clostridia +110.21 Methanobacteria +87.0 Mollicutes +46.66 Bacilli +25.01