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Table 1 Feature selection in the gene expression dataset.

From: Computational identification of condition-specific miRNA targets based on gene expression profiles and sequence information

Rank Sample ID Type Tissue
1 ATGE26 D Leaf
2 Heat-Shoots-1.0 h S Shoot
3 UV-B-Roots-1.0 h S Root
4 ATGE73 D Pollen
5 ATGE91 D Leaf
6 ATGE34 D Flower
7 Drought-Roots-0.25 h S Root
8 Drought-Shoots-0.25 h S Shoot
9 UV-B-Shoots-3.0 h S Shoot
10 Cold-Roots-24 h S Root
11 ATGE97 D Seedling
12 Drought-Roots-24.0 h S Root
13 UV-B-shoots-0.5 h S Shoot
14 ATGE55 D Flower
15 ATGE101 D Seedling
16 Drought-Shoots-3.0 h S Shoot
17 Wounding-Shoots-6.0 h S Shoot
18 Osmotic-Shoots-1.0 h S Shoot
19 Oxidative-Roots-6.0 h S Root
20 UV-B-Roots-6.0 h S Root
  1. The top 20 ranked features for miRNA target classification. Each feature corresponds to a condition in the two expression datasets (D: developmental process and S: stress treatment).