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Table 3 Top 20 relevant terms for methods.

From: Extract interaction detection methods from the biological literature

Method Terms
x-ray (MI:0114) structure, crystal, residue, molecule, model, site, form, interface, chain, contact, bond, hydrogen, helix, pp, record, helical, window, surface, linker, segment
two hybrid (MI:0018) yeast, two-hybrid, interact, assay, fusion, system, plasmid, clone, cdna, screen, bait, sequence, acid, amino, encode, site, pp, record, domain, plant
pull down (MI:0096) gst, fusion, glutathione, pull-down, assay, interact, bead, buffer, wash, yeast, scopus, min, incubate, two-hybrid, antibody, pp, record, system, plasmid, sequence
anti tag coip (MI:0007) record, pp, cite, yeast, antibody, strain, panel, anti-flag, saccharomyces, flag, cerevisia, growth, blot, western, flag-tagg, gene, grow, medline, ha, anti-ha
anti bait coip (MI:0006) control, buffer, pp, record, isi, bait, cancer, antibody, extract, c-terminus, bead, sirna, tumor, stain, gene, yeast, sds, luciferase, embo, cdna
coip (MI:0019) antibody, pp, record, extract, yeast, domain, sequence, expression, blot, cdna, clone, activity, luciferase, growth, transfect, acid, fusion, sirna, mmedta, link
  1. We collect top 20 terms for 6 different methods according to Eq(15) from the corpus.