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Table 3 Top 20 relevant terms for methods.

From: Extract interaction detection methods from the biological literature

Method Terms
structure, crystal, residue, molecule, model, site, form, interface, chain, contact, bond, hydrogen, helix, pp, record, helical, window, surface, linker, segment
two hybrid
yeast, two-hybrid, interact, assay, fusion, system, plasmid, clone, cdna, screen, bait, sequence, acid, amino, encode, site, pp, record, domain, plant
pull down
gst, fusion, glutathione, pull-down, assay, interact, bead, buffer, wash, yeast, scopus, min, incubate, two-hybrid, antibody, pp, record, system, plasmid, sequence
anti tag coip
record, pp, cite, yeast, antibody, strain, panel, anti-flag, saccharomyces, flag, cerevisia, growth, blot, western, flag-tagg, gene, grow, medline, ha, anti-ha
anti bait coip
control, buffer, pp, record, isi, bait, cancer, antibody, extract, c-terminus, bead, sirna, tumor, stain, gene, yeast, sds, luciferase, embo, cdna
antibody, pp, record, extract, yeast, domain, sequence, expression, blot, cdna, clone, activity, luciferase, growth, transfect, acid, fusion, sirna, mmedta, link
  1. We collect top 20 terms for 6 different methods according to Eq(15) from the corpus.