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Table 1 List of data sources used for demonstrating query federation. Underlined entities have URIs/identifiers that are shared among the distributed datasets, thereby forming a coherent network of statements and making a federated query over all datasets possible.

From: A journey to Semantic Web query federation in the life sciences

Data source Web accessible format Typical content of statements captured in RDF/OWL (transcribed into natural language) Used by
HCLS Knowledge Base (DERI Galway) SPARQL query endpoint, Linked Data "Entrez Gene entry 2550 is the topic of the scientific journal article with PubMed ID 9373149. It describes a gene that encodes senselab:GABAB_receptor [...]" Receptor Explorer, AIDA
HCLS Knowledge Base (FU Berlin) SPARQL query endpoint, Linked Data, Web View, Translator SenseLab ontology contains information about genes and neuron receptors – asking which neurons have I_K currents AIDA, Rule Responder
DBpedia SPARQL query endpoint, Linked Data "dbpedia:GABAB_receptor is described in Entrez Gene entry 2550. It is a transmembrane receptor. [...]" Receptor Explorer, FeDeRate
Mapping file between SenseLab receptors (described in HCLS Knowledge Base) and DBpedia Static RDF/OWL document "senselab:GABAB_receptor refers to the same entity as dbpedia:GABAB_receptor " voiD, Receptor Explorer
Description of datasets and mappings (voiD file) Static RDF/OWL document "SenseLab ontology contains information about neuron receptor and has mapping files that link this dataset with DBpedia" voiD
aTag collection/biological statements Static HTML document with embedded RDF/OWL (RDFa) "The statement 'GHB was found to bind to GABAB' in Pubmed abstract 123 was tagged with the entities dbpedia:gamma-Hydroxybutyrate, dbpedia:Binding_(molecular) and dbpedia:GABAB_receptor [...]" FeDeRate
Faviki Dynamically generated HTML with embedded RDF/OWL (RDFa) "The web page has been tagged with the entities dbpedia:GABAB_receptor and dbpedia:Pharmacology by user John_Doe [...]" FeDeRate
IUPHAR Receptor Database Relational database, spreadsheet, HTML "The GABAB receptor is described in Entrez Gene entry 2550. It is activated by the pharmacological substance Baclofen. Gene knockout can lead to seizures. [...]" FeDeRate