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Table 4 Cross-platform comparison of top 10 functions obtained from IPA analysis of control gene lists that were randomly chosen from each platform

From: Microarray platform consistency is revealed by biologically functional analysis of gene expression profiles

1 venous thrombosis hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia hypertension nodule psychological disorder
2 hypercalcemia ulcerative colitis movement hematological disorder schizophrenia
3 transmembrane potential liver failure Alzheimer's disease adiposity colitis
4 chemoattraction movement heart failure insulin resistance G-protein sigling, adenylate cyclase inhibiting pathway
5 defasciculation arthritis concentration localization neurotransmission
6 dicarboxylic aminoaciduria dilation hypoplasia metabolic disorder guidance
7 cancer organization lissencephaly catabolism cardiovascular process
8 tumorigenesis progression ataxia with oculomotor apraxia unwinding assembly
9 polyubiquitition death co-activation permeability decidualization
10 xeroderma pigmentosum follicular carcinoma diameter abortion fibrosis