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Table 1 Top 10 induced (up) and repressed (down) genes for each agent.

From: Graph ranking for exploratory gene data analysis

  Genotoxic agents Cytotoxic agents
  MMS Bleomycin Cisplatin EtOH NaCI
Up YJL088W YMR090W YJL088W YPRWsigma4 YDR256C
  YNL241C YPR160W YMR090W YJL088W YLR343W
  YER161C YGR180C YGR180C YML010W-A YJR078W
  YJL101C YNL202W YER142C YOL055C YJL153C
  YDL142C YGR256W YNR019W YLR067C YNL275W
  YOR349W YJR073C YJL101C YNL275W YJL088W
  YDR019C YOR100C YJL026W YNL036W YER081W
  YDR001C YDR018C YKR076W YER081W YNL071W
  YBR045C YJL026W YLL060C YLR237W YBR221C
  YJL153C YCR083W YDR001C YJL129C YLR142W
Down YNL327W YNL327W YNL327W YJL178C YDR435C
  YFL017C YGL028C YDR044W YDL142C YER009W
  YNL141W YNR067C YHR128W YIL162W YNL327W
  YOR095C YGR006W YHL028W YCR021C YGL143C
  YOL152W YIL149C YMR006C YGR180C YCR021C
  YOR356W YPL276W YOR095C YGR277C YDR071C
  YLR456W YEL048C YKL029C YHR008C YOL143C
  YHR128W YER052C YAR050W YER023W YOR121C
  YBR038W YGL063W YLL061W YIR044C YMR034C
  YGL143C YOR095C YNL148C YML120C YGL055W