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Table 2 A list of HPD pathways retrieved by the query BRCA1.

From: HPD: an online integrated human pathway database enabling systems biology studies

Pathway_ID Pathway_Name Source_Name Shared_Proteins
HPD_786 Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer Protein Lounge 264
HPD_953 JAK/STAT Pathway Protein Lounge 239
HPD_1182 p53 Signaling Protein Lounge 76
HPD_1567 DNA Repair Mechanism Protein Lounge 69
HPD_336 Chks in Checkpoint Regulation Protein Lounge 52
HPD_596 BRCA1 Pathway Protein Lounge 44
HPD_1058 Aurora A signaling NCI-Nature Curated 43
HPD_1070 BARD1 signaling events NCI-Nature Curated 40
HPD_788 ATM Pathway Protein Lounge 33
HPD_644 role of brca1 brca2 and atr in cancer susceptibility BioCarta 27
HPD_988 Ubiquitin mediated proteolysis KEGG 25
HPD_12 cell cycle: g2/m checkpoint BioCarta 23
HPD_628 atm signaling pathway BioCarta 20
HPD_340 GADD45 Pathway Protein Lounge 19
HPD_752 Fanconi's Anaemia Pathway Protein Lounge 17
HPD_548 DNA Damage Induced 14-3-3Sigma Signaling Protein Lounge 14
HPD_212 brca1 dependent ub ligase activity BioCarta 11
HPD_1261 FOXA1 transcription factor network NCI-Nature Curated 10
HPD_707 Recruitment of repair and signaling proteins to double-strand breaks Reactome 9
HPD_276 ATM mediated phosphorylation of repair proteins Reactome 5