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Table 1 GO Annotation of the equine whole genome oligoarray

From: Structural and functional-annotation of an equine whole genome oligoarray

Database Category No. Gene Products Number of GO annotations added
UniprotKB/Genbank Refseq 337 2,559
Predicted Gene Products 12,434 48,887
ESTs 2,164 4,546
Non-NCBI Predicted Gene Assemblies 4,399 1,920
Predicted Proteins Removed from Database 2,108 --
TOTAL 21,351 57,912
  1. A total of 57,912 annotations were derived from the Equine Whole Genome Oligoarray. 2,559 annotations were derived from the 337 UniprotKB and RefSeq accessions. 48,887 annotations were derived from 12,434 predicted gene products. 4,546 annotations were derived from 2,164 ESTs. Finally, 2,108 predicted proteins removed from the database were not annotated. Thus 21,351 gene products yielded 57,912 new annotations.