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Table 1 Standards for systems biology, grouped by type

From: Trends in modeling Biomedical Complex Systems

Minimum Information (see also the MIBBI initiative [58])
MIAME Microarray Experiment
MIAPE Proteomics Experiment
MIRIAM Annotation of biochemical Models
MIACA Cellular Assay (MIACA)
Ontologies (see also the OBO Foundry [43])
GO Gene Ontology
MO Microarray Ontology
PW Pathway ontology
PSI-MI Protein-protein interaction
SBO Systems Biology
FuGO Functional Genomics Investigation
XML Languages
MAGE-ML Microarray Gene Expression ML
HUP-ML Human Proteome ML
mzXML Mass spectrometry data ML
SBML Systems Biology ML
CSML Cell System ML
CellML Cell ML
BioPAX Biological Pathways Exchange