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Figure 2

From: Data recovery and integration from public databases uncovers transformation-specific transcriptional downregulation of cAMP-PKA pathway-encoding genes

Figure 2

Hierarchical clustering of the 41 PKA pathway-encoding genes analyzed in this paper. Two-way (gene, column and cell line, row) hierarchical clustering (see Methods) of the same profiles analyzed in Figure 1. Normalized expression is colour-coded from green (poor expression) to red (strong expression). The name of each gene is colour-coded according to family to which it belongs.

The 6 main classes described in the text (red lines on the top of the dendrogram and roman number bottom of the dendrogram) are shown. The distance function is based on Pearson correlation and complete linkage clustering. Legends for expression, condition, gene family and tissue of origin are shown on the right of the dendrogram.

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