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Table 2 Gene expression profiling datasets of NCI60 cell lines and normal tissues analyzed in this study

From: Data recovery and integration from public databases uncovers transformation-specific transcriptional downregulation of cAMP-PKA pathway-encoding genes

Reference Tissue of origin Number of transcriptional profiles GEO Number
[31] NCI60 cells 60 GSE5949
  Breast 0 -
[106] CNS 2 GSE96
[107] Colon 4 GSE6731
[108] Blood 4 GSE1402
[106] Lung 2 GSE96
  Skin 0 -
[106] Ovary 3 GSE96
[106] Prostate 3 GSE96
[106] Kidney 3 GSE96
  1. Gene expression profiles retrieved from the GEO Database. Dataset A (60 profiles) is made up of the NCI60 cell lines [31]. Dataset B (13 profiles) is a subset of transcriptional profiles of a diverse array of tissues, organs, and cell lines from a normal human physiological state [106]. Dataset C (4 profiles) encompasses the normal human adult samples derived from colonoscopic biopsy present in a database comprising samples of patients with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis [107]. Dataset D (4 profiles) contains normal control samples present in a database containing transcriptional profiles of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) obtained by juvenile arthritis patients and healthy controls [108].